I wrote PeepCode's (now Pluralsight's) Vim screencasts.
These were in PeepCode's all-time top three bestsellers.

Watching @peepcode “Smashing Into Vim 2” again. Terrific screencast, full of gems!

Allan Ing

Going back to Vim as my IDE of choice. Thanks to @peepcode for the videos showing me what I have been missing all this time…

Peter Baker

Pour vim t'as les peepcode sur le serveur, je pense qu'avec ca t'aura déjà un ‘tres bon’ niveau ;)

Yanis Guenane

Just finished second Vim screencast from @peepcode – awesome stuff!

Rory McKinley

The new Vim screencast by @peepcode is a must-have.

Kevin Coylar

Smashing my way into Vim with the help of @peepcode. So much good stuff here, definitely going to need to re-watch a few times.

Andy Bluntish

This @peepcode looks awesome for anyone who’s got the basics of Vim down, but doesn’t know where to go next.

Adam Tanner

The second Vim screencast on PeepCode is really good. Actually learned a lot more than I expected. Well worth the cost.

Oliver Reeves

Only five minutes in and buying the Smash Into Vim II @peepcode already paid off.

Mathias Meyer

Thanks @peepcode, @danbenjamin and @airblade. Between Ack, pathogen and other tips, my love of Vim has doubled.

Len Smith

For those who want to learn to use Vim properly, check out the screencasts from @peepcode.

Ivan Torres

I’ll admit that @peepcode’s Vim series helped me immensely to understand the theory behind the keystrokes.

Josh Davey

Finally watched @peepcode’s Vim screencasts, and they were awesome. Gotta learn me some more Vim tricks.

Hiro Asari

Highly recommend Smash Into Vim from @peepcode to up your vim game. I’m attempting to move to vim for dev and they’ve been a big help.

Nichole Treadway

My vim productivity has already grown about 106 after watching PeepCode’s ‘Smash Into Vim’ last week.

Jonathan Peelle

The @peepcode on Vim is really good stuff. Jogs my Vim memory, and helps me rediscover my love for it.

Mathias Meyer

Wasn’t sure if I’d learn anything from @peepcode’s new screencast “Smash into Vim” but I sure did. Can’t wait for Part 2.

Ben Kittrell

The new @peepcode on Vim is awesome.

Arthur L Piepmeier 3

Emacs users, get the @peepcode on vim! Don’t be afraid!

August Lilleaas

Smash Into Vim series on PeepCode is great for anyone wanting to master the popular text editor.

Nicholas Cancelliere

If you liked the screencasts, you might also like: vim-gitgutter
– a vim plugin for showing a git diff in the gutter.

This might be the best vim plugin I’ve ever seen.

Steve Klabnik


Ilya Grigorik

As someone who lives in vim (email, diffs, code, etc.), and relies on git for everything, this plugin is wonderful.

Greg Kroah-Hartnam

Wow. This is like having a new superpower.

Justin Slattery

This is simple and awesome.

Erik Daniel

vim-gitgutter is a life-changing plugin.

Tim S

Je viens d'installer vim-gitgutter. Comment j'ai pu bosser sans?

Xavier Nayrac