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Smash Into Vim (Part I)

My Smash Into Vim PeepCode screencast has just been released.

Smash Into Vim

It’s the first of a double bill and after watching it you’ll be able to use Vim with confidence. Even if you’re a true blue Textmate fan, sometimes you need to edit config files on your server…and that’s when you’ll be glad you watched this screencast!

Part Two will go into advanced topics. After watching that you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether to switch to Vim as your primary editor — and be all set to do so.

Vim looks daunting but we’ve thought long and hard about it and distilled its essence. These 50 minutes are your fastest, best way to get up to speed and Smash Into Vim.

Peeping at PeepCode

This is the second time I’ve collaborated with Geoffrey Grosenbach at PeepCode – the first was my Rails 2 Plugin Patterns PDF. Both times were a real pleasure. If you get a chance to be a PeepCode author, go for it! It’s fun and worthwhile.

I also think Dan Benjamin did a wonderful job with the narration. Next time, though, we’ll get a British accent on there…

Andrew Stewart • 11 May 2010 • Vim
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