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Rails 2 Plugin Patterns

Plugin Patterns (PeepCode Press)

If you read my previous post on how we choose to spend our time, you probably deduced two facts:

(a) I’m behind schedule on my current project (sorry George!), because (b) I was choosing to work on something else.

Happily the something else has come to fruition: PeepCode Press has just published my guide to Rails plugins, Plugin Patterns – Enhancing Rails 2.0. It tells you all you need to understand other people’s plugins, and write your own.

Thanks must go to Geoffrey Grosenbach for his eagle-eyed editing and Laura Sanderson for her gracious proof reading. Any mistakes that remain are theirs mine.

So have a look (buy it!), let me know what you think (buy it!), and do buy it (you know you want to!).

P.S. My next post will be on text-based subliminal advertising.


Congrats dude! I’ll be purchasing it forthwith!

Olly • 1 March 2008

Andrew Stewart • 1 March 2008 • Rails
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