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Quicksilver Out, Alfred In

Until recently I regarded Quicksilver as vital. However its creator has stopped working on it and, although the code is now open source, I’ve found it getting buggier and slower. It stops working every time I upgrade it.

Alfred logo

Instead I now use Alfred. It’s super fast, stable, and easy on the eye. The team seems to have good momentum and they frequently release improvements. I’ve been using Alfred for a few weeks now and wouldn’t go back.

One feature Quicksilver has, but Alfred doesn’t (yet), is the ability to assign actions to keys. I bind the function keys to various apps and scripts – they’re ingrained in my muscle memory – and until Alfred supports this I need another way. Here’s my solution.


Did you check out Launchbar at all? It’s awesome — I can’t live without it!

Olly Headey • 3 September 2010

No I didn’t…that also looks v good. I’m sticking with Alfred though ;)

Andy Stewart • 3 September 2010

Andrew Stewart • 31 August 2010 • OS X
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