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Apart from the food, the great joy of French restaurants in England is French waiters who are serious professionals and do not try to be your friend. They have been brought up to respect clients for being exigeant, and to despise them for being undiscriminating. So when the English describe a mediocre dish as ‘lovely’ or ‘very nice’ and never make a fuss about the cuisson of their steak, they are treated with the hauteur they deserve.

Le Dossier, Hortense de Monplaisir (translated by Sarah Long)

Hmm, I never thought I’d say this, but perhaps I need to act more like a Frenchman. Not in despising people, but in trying to be your clients' or customers' friend. Regularly not charging for small pieces of work soon adds up — or rather, it doesn’t — and does not pay the bills.

And if I don’t value my time, nobody else will value it for me.

Reassuringly expensive

Andrew Stewart • 7 April 2008 • QuotationsClient Work
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