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This morning I received this unsolicited commercial email:


This is a friendly introduction of our services; we will not send any more e-mail after this.

“No Spam 123” is the email anti spam and antivirus solution for business. The spam email always comes in batch, business will need effective spam filter and spam blocker solution to prevent it. We are using “behavior” based anti spam solution, which means the solution is faster, greener and faster.

“No Spam 123” is the most easy-to-use, reliable antispam solution for companies, organizations, and individuals that have their own domain name. No need to install email filter software or anti spam software on each computer. You got spam protection on the whole domain.

Visit us and trial service for free!

Best Regards,
[name removed]
Business Development
NoSpam123 Business Development
Toll Free: 1-866-9060668 extension 116
Fax: 1-877-8388227

Andrew Stewart • 11 December 2009 • Business
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