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I Have Seen The Future Of Dance Music


And his name is Giles Bowkett. Or, rather, its name is Archaeopteryx.

With more layers of indirection than Enron’s accounts, this is lambda central. Unlike the accounts, this isn’t obfuscation — it’s adaptability. At its heart, Archaeopteryx is a probabilistic MIDI generator. The lambdas vary the probabilities randomly, or perhaps probabilistically; it really depends on the last lambda.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Get yourself some Reason, a copy of Practical Ruby Projects, and … something else whose name I’ve forgotten (pipes Archaeopteryx’s output into Reason).

Right now Archaeopteryx generates pretty convincing drum & bass, and techno too. Giles has vision for this, so watch that space.

Andrew Stewart • 9 April 2008 • Ruby
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