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Henrik Knudsen Site Wins Award

Henrik Knudsen

We were delighted to hear that the site we built for Henrik Knudsen, an award-winning photographer, has itself won an award.

Specifically, it was chosen for PDN’s Photography Annual 2007, a collection of the best portfolio sites of professional photographers.

Credit for the slick Flash front-end belongs to Homemade Robot. We built a content management system to power the Flash; and a client management system, with private client areas, where Mr Knudsen can display his photoshoots to his clients.

We’ve learned that a photographer demands rather more of an image uploader than a random forum user with a small passport photo. We’re running a heavily customised version of attachment_fu, with Background Job doing sterling work in, well, the background.

All in all, a good team effort.

Andrew Stewart • 2 April 2008 • Client Work
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