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Girls In Football (a.k.a. Soccer) — Launched

Girls In Football - the place for women's football

Women’s football is the fastest growing sport in the UK. More girls and women — over a million — play football than any other sport. Astonishingly, until now there hasn’t been a single website dedicated to helping them flourish and to bringing the women’s game to a wider audience.

So a few days ago Polly Courtney and I launched Girls In Football for the thriving community of female footballers in the UK. As female footballers ourselves (well, one of us), we know exactly what players need and want. And that’s what we’ve built.

We want to help every girl and woman playing football to get more out of the game, to fuel their passion and to have fun.

What’s On The Site?

We launched with a whole range of professional and user-contributed content, including over 60 skills coaching videos, which are free for everyone to benefit from. If you play football and want to improve, you’ll find plenty of advice, videos and articles to help you, not to mention tours and tournaments to go on and play in.

Right now a lot of people are using the site to recruit players for their teams. We have some fancy geographic searching which lets you find players, coaches and teams in your area.

If you become a member, which is also free, you get a whole load of useful functionality letting you organise fixtures, write up matches, vote for player of the match, follow your team in the league tables, and so on. And of course you can chat with your team mates, upload photos, write your own news stories, etc.

And even if you’re just an armchair women’s footballer, we have plenty of news stories and interviews for you.

Discounted Kit

We also sell kit specifically for female players, all at a discount, including boots from the only manufacturer to make boots specifically for women (Nomis).

The Future

Right now we’re focusing on fine-tuning the site and building traffic. The more women use the site, the better it will get.

Once it’s ticking along we’ll expand in two directions: to other countries (U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Holland, …) and to other sports (hockey, netball, …). Watch this space.


Nice. Good luck with this!!

Nick Coyne • 25 July 2009

Thanks Nick!

Andy Stewart • 25 July 2009

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