DoubleAgent integrates with your FreeAgent account to add useful, time-saving features. I launched it just before Christmas 2017 after using it privately for a couple of months, and it has already saved me a lot of time.

I have many features planned for DoubleAgent. The one I launched with is rules for explaining your bank transactions in FreeAgent. These are a bit like rules for filing your email, but for your bank transactions.

Within a few days of launching, FreeAgent publicly said they would add bank transaction rules themselves in a few months. This is, I suppose, the best possible validation of the idea :) It turns out they had already planned this and the timing was purely coincidental…

In the meantime you can set up bank transaction rules with DoubleAgent today.

Now for the next time-saving feature!

Andrew Stewart • 3 January 2018 • DoubleAgent
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