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DNS Downtime

I use Dyn’s Standard DNS for my company’s and my customers' DNS. The service is excellent and the web interface first rate.

Until yesterday it was the only internet service I knew of with a 100% uptime – a remarkable feat. It had to end sometime…

So today, for the first time since 2001, we experienced a full 22 minute outage of our Dyn Standard DNS nameservers, which means that we reset our Dyn Standard DNS uptime counters back to zero.

Post Mortem: Attack To Dyn Standard DNS Nameservers

Dyn’s pricier Managed DNS platform kept on trucking without incident but unfortunately I’m not in a position to upgrade just yet!

When you think about all the things that have to operate when you ask your browser to pull up a URL, it’s amazing that it works at all.

Andrew Stewart • 8 November 2011 • DNS
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