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Binding OS X Services to Function Keys

UPDATE (10 May 2011): I’ve replaced FastScripts with Alfred.

Snow Leopard revamped the System Services and made them much more useful. I wanted to bind a few simple Automator workflows and Ruby scripts to the function keys so I could run them with a single keypress.

Unfortunately it seems there’s a bug in Snow Leopard which means you can’t assign services to function keys in the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

Happily Daniel Jalkut’s FastScripts solves the problem.

By default FastScripts picks up your scripts in ~/Library/Scripts. To get it to see your services, you need to alias them from ~/Library/Services to ~/Library/Scripts. A unix symlink won’t work; it has to be a Finder alias (hold down cmd and option while dragging an item in the Finder).

Once FastScripts can see your services, you can bind them to the function keys in FastScripts Preferences > Script Shortcuts.

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