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AirBlade Goes Renewable

Climate change is a big problem. Certainly one of the biggest we all face.

If we’re going to tackle it, we all have to play our part. That’s why I’m pleased to say that, as of today, AirBlade HQ is powered by 100% renewable energy.

We are great believers in making the most of the resources with which we are freely blessed. Away from work, we have been fans of wind power for some time. Back in the office we harness wonderful, freely available software to create our products and services. In turn we have started to give back to the community.

The next step is to persuade RailsMachine, our excellent hosting company, to switch to green energy. In the meantime our friends at Lylo are one step ahead of us: they use solar-powered hosting.


What eco-tastic news! Presumably you mean electricity, or have you found a natural gas reserve under the floorboards? :-)

Which provider have you gone for?

Apparently the wonderful AISO now provide Ruby on Rails with their solar hosting packages!

Olly Lylo • 5 March 2007

I would just have your web hosting company RailsMachine, get a dedicated server with us, AISO. Then they would be solar powered, and so would you…and they can still support your rails apps fully on their systems just as it is now.

Steven Craig • 7 March 2007

Steven — that’s a good idea. I’ll ask them. Thanks!

Andrew Stewart • 7 March 2007

Andrew Stewart • 3 March 2007 • Climate Change
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